I’ve spent all week feeling bad about my mediocre post on Tuesday, so in the spirit of Friday, here is my first ever Friday Five.


1. The now three-day long auction for Audrey Niffenegger’s new novel, which is already slated for an October 1 pub in the UK.  So far all we know is what’s been posted on Publisher’s Marketplace: it’s called “HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY and is described at Amazon UK as ‘a delicious and deadly twenty-first-century ghost story about Niffenegger’s familiar themes of love, loss and identity,’ promising ‘echoes of Henry James and Charles Dickens.’”  I absolutely loved The Time Traveler’s Wife, not only because it was so amazingly well written, but also because it made me fall in love with Chicago all over again and I can’t wait for the movie, which if I remember correctly was optioned by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s Plan B when they were still together.  As a shameless plug for any writers reading this blog, I’d love to get my hands on a YA Time Traveler’s Wife!


2. Battlestar Galactica.  We’re down to the last three episodes ever of this amazing cult phenomenon. I can’t write more, otherwise I risk giving away too much for those of you who have yet to discover the show.  For those of you who are already fans, I’m sure you share my sentiments when I say, “Boomer, what have you done?” Boomer.


 3. My Kindle.  My parents celebrated my being around for three decades by buying me a Kindle 2.  I’ve only just started playing with it so I don’t have a lot to say about it yet – other than it is super sleek and super fun. I will leave you, however, with The Onion’s thoughts about the device. 

4. Oh La by Ra Ra Riot.  This song has been my theme song for the last few weeks.  I like to play it when I’m walking to the train or walking home. It makes me feel like I’m staring in the movie of my life.  The entire The Rhumb Line album, in fact, has been impossible for me to stop listening to – so much so that I will shamelessly suggest it to the person who ends up optioning film rights to AUT.


5. The Watchmen.  I am not enough of a fanboy to be lining up to see this nearly three-hour long dark, dystopian, superhero movie tonight, but I have tickets for a matinee this weekend and can’t wait!  I promise a full report Monday.