1. It’s officially spring in New York, which means it’s raining. Lots. Not hard, but, like, a lot. Many many droplets of water per square foot. I own two umbrellas, a small compact one that I keep in my desk at work for surprise evening showers, and a white duck umbrella named Quackityite (because, y’know, she’s white). Quackityite is part of a whole family of duck umbrellas owned by me and my friends; there’s also Quackityack II (black), Quackityink (pink), and Quackityellow (yellow, obvs). There was also a Quackityoo (blue) once, but I lost him in Chicago over Christmas some years ago. I’m not saying that these are original names. I’m saying that my friends and I have a few screws loose. Quackityite came to work with me today.

2. I bought my first plane ticket to California for the year two days ago. I’m going to California at least three times that I know of in 2009: early May for my friend Carmen’s wedding, mid-June for my sister’s graduation from high school and my brother’s graduation from college (lucky for me, they’re graduating the same week), and the end of July for my friend Maggie’s wedding. This first trip is going to be super short; I get in late at night, Carmen’s wedding is on Saturday, and I leave early Sunday afternoon. I’m already anticipating not being able to tear myself away to get back on a plane to New York, so it’s good that when I go in June I’m going for six days and spending it all with my family. This upcoming trip is a big deal for me because it’s the first time I’ll be attempting to take public transportation to JFK. Usually I cab it because I’m lazy, but a cab to JFK is like $60 with toll and tip and I have the time to take the subway. That’s something Chicago definitely has over New York–subways that take you directly to the airport. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that’s something people are going to want to want. Ugh, MTA, I’m so over you.

3. Speaking of the MTA, it’s fare hike central up in here! Single rides are going up to $2.50 (now $2), and monthly unlimited passes are going up to $103. FROM $81! That’s a $22 fare hike for people who LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY AND PAY TAXES THAT GO TO THE MTA! Not only that, but they’re going to cut the W and Z subway lines and decrease bus and train service. That’s right: they’re going to charge us 25% more money for less service. I’m pretty livid. Usually when I get livid about something I just accept it and get over it and never do anything about it, but this time I signed a petition. That’s right: I signed a petition. That’s how outraged I am. Do you want to sign the petition? If so, go here.

4. Wow, let’s bring it back up. Um…my website is almost done! That’s exciting. We’re testing it right now to make sure everything works properly, and my good friend/web designer Eric spent all last night goofing around with the code to see how strong it is (apparently pretty strong). So hopefully by Monday we’ll have this thing up and running and looking awesome.

5. This morning while I was getting ready for work I started watching the ER series finale. I only got through about 15 minutes of it (I think it might be 2 hours long), but it was fun to see some familiar faces in the credits again. I’m going to have to dial it back and watch the last few episodes, like the one where Carol and Doug come back and the one where Neela goes to New Orleans to be with Ray (finally, girl, it’s about time). Also, hello Alexis Bledel playing a medical student. I didn’t expect to see you there.