Is there anyone on the Internet these days not raving about Glee, Fox’s new hour-long drama about a high school glee club? People LOVE THAT SHOW! Which is real sweet, and I’m not saying I didn’t like it, because I did, but I wasn’t blown away. I didn’t think it was the best thing on television, and I certainly am not going to stand for any comparisons to Freaks & Geeks, which was a wonderful show. Glee, in my humble opinion, is just good.

First of all, it felt very ABC Family to me. Did anyone else get that vibe? A little too bright and glossy for Fox? That’s how I felt about it. Not that Fox shows can’t be bright and glossy, but it reminded me of Greek (another solidly good, but not great, show). (This is also how I feel about the trailers I’ve been seeing for that new Nia Vardalos movie, In Ruins–I really was shocked when at the end of the TV spot they were like, “In theaters…” because I seriously thought it was an ABC Family original movie. (It probably should’ve been.)) Now, there’s nothing wrong with ABC Family, but I’m not going to do cartwheels over a Greek-type show, and some people are tripping over themselves to gush about Glee.

I also felt like maybe it would’ve been better as a movie. The pilot seemed like the first forty-five minutes of an ABC Family original movie, not a show (also, obviously I watch way too much ABC Family). Maybe because it’s not exactly breaking new ground. I mean, the premise is pretty cliche, and definitely portions of it have been done before (American Pie is my most at-hand example, or, y’know, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL). Also, everything seems a little too facile. That motley crew really got their stuff together enough to launch a full-on, choreographed, matching-outfits, studio-quality performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” (which, truly, I loved) in a few days? I don’t really buy that.

However. Glee had some really awesome things about it. Rachel Berry, mostly. She’s a really well-drawn character. I love how they took a cliche, the rabidly Type A talented aspiring singer/dancer/actress who won’t let anyone stand in the way of her fame, and took as many opportunities to tear her down as they took to show her off, which gives her dimensions. Yes, Rachel is a really great singer, but she’s a social outcast. She’s not Sharpay Evans, ruthless spotlight-seeker/all-around school Queen Bee; she’s only on top when she’s singing. Otherwise, she’s getting teased cruelly by the Christian cheerleaders or having Kool-Aid (??) thrown in her face by a passing jock. Good thing Rachel’s not telekinetic, or that high school would be rubble by now.

I’m pretty bummed that the pilot premiered a few weeks ago, but the show itself doesn’t start until September.