Hey friends! Welcome to my very first giveway of anything at all. Coincidentally (not coincidentally) I’ll be giving away a copy of my debut YA novel, ALL UNQUIET THINGS, because last Friday I got some beautiful ARCs and I want to share them with you all! Okay, just one of you, I’d like to share one with just one of you because I didn’t get very many and one is the most I can spare right now (hopefully I’ll have more to share in the future). I’ll also be including a couple of little extra things, because I love you all so much.

I spent a lot of time thinking about an appropriate contest that is both easy and interesting. You may have noticed that I’m running the giveaway on this blog, The A-Team, which I write with Joanna, rather than my own blog (I hope this doesn’t blow* up in my face; please don’t let it blow up in my face). That is because J and I need topics to write about here! We are very knowledgeable ladies, but coming up with ideas for blog topics is hard work, and we need some help.

So, here are the rules of the giveaway: comment on this post. In your comment, ask a question (or multiple questions) of Joanna, or me, or both of us. Try to keep it fairly even (like, if you see a lot of Qs for Joanna, maybe ask one of me, and vice versa) and interesting. Best question wins! (I don’t know what happens if J and I disagree on what question is the best; I guess in that case, and maybe in the case of all questions being equally awesome–let’s make this happen!–we’ll just randomize it.)

If you ask a Q that by necessity makes the A a spoiler, we’ll answer it after the book comes out (I know, months away, but it goes very quickly, if the past six months are any indication), under a cut or something. We’ll answer all of them (at our discretion, of course) on the blog eventually, though. Multiple Qs=multiple entries, so keep ’em coming!

I know it behooves you to keep your mouth shut about this contest, because the less people who enter the greater your chances are of winning, but I know you’re all way cool and want to shout about this contest from the rooftops, right? Please tell your friends, if you have a blog I’d love it if you’d post about it, but of course it’s not mandatory, I’ll just love you forever. The contest will last a week, so I’ll be posting the winner next Friday, July 3rd.

So: ask away!


Edited to Add: All comments from a new commenter have to be approved, so don’t worry if yours doesn’t go up right away! We definitely got it, we just aren’t at a computer and can’t approve it at the moment, but we will. All non-spam comments will be approved, I promise.

Edited to Add Further: Shooting Stars Mag, a fabulous YA book blog, is running a YA Book Carnival and I’ve added the AUT ARC contest to the list. I hope it’s okay that my contest ends on July 2nd, which is after the Carnival ends. If not, somebody will surely tell me. Check out the Mr. Linky for more awesome contests!


Edited to add EVEN FURTHER: Joanna is donating one of her ARCs to the giveaway, so now there will be two lucky winners! Keep asking those questions!

*It was only after reading this over in preparation for posting it that I notice I wrote “I hope this doesn’t blog up in my face.” Whoa. Step away from the computer, Jarzab.