Due to the fabulous responses we’ve been receiving for our All Unquiet Things ARC giveaway, we decided to toss another ARC into the mix.  That’s right, you now have the chance to win 1 of 2 ARCs or, to put it another way, 2 lucky responders will walk away with an ARC!  But here’s the thing: you have to respond to Anna’s original contest post.

The truth is that I really wanted to give something away as well!  I became a little jealous when Anna got to hold this contest to give away an AUT ARC, so I decided to give one away too.  This is a big deal because I only got 2 ARCs!  Yes, 2!  I’m keeping one because it is quite possibly the most beautiful book I have every seen (even in ARC form), but I thought the other should go to one of our readers.

So just to reiterate: this is your opportunity to ask us anything, about publishing, about agenting, about writing. It’s up to you.  Best 2 questions win.  But here’s the catch: you have to reply to Anna’s original contest post from Thursday July 2nd,  so that we can keep all the comments straight.  We’ll answer the winning questions first (unless they involve AUT spoilers) and will do our best to get to all questions eventually. Winners will be posted this Friday, July 3rd.

Keep those questions coming!