Hi All,

Let me echo Anna’s sentiments: the questions we received were amazing and it was so hard to choose one winner. So hard, in fact, that I put it off for an extra evening (really, I wasn’t at the theatre watching Public Enemies last night).  But in the end, I chose AMY.  Amy asked a few great questions, which I’m really looking forward to answering, about my query letter pet peeves and author advances, but I was most compelled by this one:

“if someone queried you with a story you thought had the potential to make a high profit but which you didn’t personally care for or connect with (much like many people dislike twilight or harry potter), would you accept the author as a client, or would you pass? similarly, have you ever passed on a manuscript and later regretted it (no matter what the reason was for the rejection)?”

This is going to require a long answer, one that I will provide next week.

Thanks again for all your questions.