Anna has a publicist!  We have about four months left before All Unquiet Things hits the stores, which means that it’s time for Random House to start spreading the word.  That’s not to say that nothing has been happening on the publicity front until now, simply that the tempo will be picking up.  Even before Anna’s publicist had a name and an email address, AUT was already being pushed for reviews by RH.  As all of you know we’ve had galleys or ARCs for AUT for a while now and RH has already been sending out these bound advanced copies for reviews to publications like Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, and the New York Times Book Review. ARCs were also mailed to publications with longer lead times as well as some online outlets. Now it’s about follow-up and more direct promotion.

 In-house publicists are typically assigned about three to four months before a book releases and it’s their job to build early buzz for a book. Sure, they’re also involved in promo activities after the book comes out, but most of the publicity efforts are concentrated in the few months leading up to a book’s release since there is only a small window when the book will be in the spotlight as a “brand new book” and they want to capitalize on that time – if you’ve watched the shelves at your local bookstore switch over, you know what I mean.  Publicists do anything and everything from developing pitches for media outlets (radio, TV, print, online) based on information provided by the author, submitting finished books to media outlets, facilitating bookstore events, producing author videos and much more.  So the first thing that Anna’s publicist has to do is get as much info about Anna, which means that Anna is now facing the daunting task of filling out an Author Questionnaire.  Filled with questions from “How Would You Describe Yourself” and “What Are Your Hobbies” to “Are You OK With Public Speaking”  the questionnaire is designed to help publicity get a sense of who they’re dealing with so that they can exploit any interesting and exploitable factoids to the media or  understand if the author they’re working with is an agoraphobic, which for the record, Anna is not. 

We’ll keep you posted on what happens next….